Dry Cough & Blocked Sinus – InSyT user welcomes any suggestions

Dry Cough and Blocked Sinus - InSyt user welcomes input Sometimes health issues just don't seem to resolve, inspite of our best efforts. This InSyt user welcomes your input. Any ideas or insight you have that might help. This person has already been to the doctor and tried traditional medical help like antibiotics. Here we are simply asking - has this [...]

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InSyT Symptom Visualisation Explained in full

Visualisation in many ways an alchemical process. Raw base material (data) is taken and put through a fire of code and consciousness to produce something of high value like gold (the visualisation). See More...

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InSyT LIVE Input example

We all run into health problems at different times in our life. To have these acknowledged and dealt with unambiguously should be paramount. InSyT empowers individuals and brings-to-light accountability of health professional's interventions. This is a LIVE example. See more...

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InSyT Tracker Setup

It is not often that you come across an App that you can craft according to your own needs. The InSyT App allows just this. We provide the base materials - components, ideas, human-friendly design, background code and research. And a state-of-the-art visualisation engine. see more...

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