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Selecting Symptoms and Custom Trackers
InSyT Symptom Selection
InSyT | Intervention and Symptom Tracking

KEY to Symptom Scoring

Symptoms are rated from 0 to 4

0 NADA (Did not experience this symptom - Yippy)
1 MILD (I can live with this - but should I?)
2 ANNOYING (I wish this symptom would go away)
3 SEVERE (Something has to change. I need help.)
4 DEBILITATING (Affects ability to work, daily capacity to cope or quality of life)
It's Simple

First choose Symptoms you want to track by checking the boxes below. Choose up to 6 that are the most debilitating, severe or annoying to you. If your symptoms are not in list, then add your own under Unique Symptoms.

Next choose any Custom Trackers. Add your own unique Custom-Designed Trackers if you want.

You can also add custom aspects of Wellbeing and Transformation. The only limit is your imagination!

Your InSyT tracker will include an Intervention field and Comment field by default. Both of these provide important context. You can have a tracker with just these 2 fields which then makes your tracker a Journal.

When finished press “Assemble my Tracker”. We will then email details to you.

Choose Symptoms to Track - choose up to 6 from the most debilitating, severe or annoying.
Symptoms are ways that our body communicates with us. You can add more later.

UNIQUE SYMPTOMS. Any Symptoms or Signs not in the list that you want to track. e.g Fruity smelling urine, red spots on neck, etc.

Want to add Custom Trackers

Add Custom Trackers

Select and add custom trackers here. Your don't have to choose any.
Some examples below to choose from. Otherwise define your own in next field.
Note that Sleep Duration, Movement Outside and Active Stillness contribute significantly to optimal health & wellbeing

Movement Outside includes things like walking, wheel chairing, surfing, riding etc.
Active Stillness entails things like being centered, listening, meditation, inner work, practicing mindfulness, focusing within, walking in nature etc.

We track aspects of
Transformation & Wellbeing

Add custom aspects of Wellbeing or Transformation

You will be able to select aspects of wellbeing & transformation listed below in your tracker.
Otherwise define your own in next field.

In chaos. Looking at what part I played to get here
In the underworld. Finding what I need to learn while here
In pain. Asking for help
Feeling absolutely empty. Open to divine intervention
Holding opposing forces within without lashing out
Went to bed feeling fulfilled
Able to listen or focus mind
Being responsible, "doing the right thing"
Able to meet the day without baggage of yesterday
Allowed myself to stay open
Stood ground and did not just go along
Learnt something new, took a risk
Made effort to relate to someone
Chose love over fear
Love Life
Inner Calm

Feelings of wellbeing and signs of transformation give us valuable and real time feedback on the quality, depth and breadth of our life. Attributes to transcend, aspire towards or actively seek out.

Your Details
We do not store your name and email online. Your tracker details will be sent to your email address.
That's it. Tick finished and your Personilised Tracking App will be assembled and sent to you.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.

— Martin Luther King

IDEAS for Custom Trackers

SLEEP DURATION hours per night
EXERCISE DURATION minutes per day
WORK DURATION hours per day
BLOOD TEST result, T4
BP Systolic
BP Diastolic
MOVEMENT OUTSIDE, minutes per day
TRAVELLING to work, hours per day
TIME on SOCIAL MEDIA, hours per day
COFFEE shots per day
BLOOD GLUCOSE NON-fasting (mmol/L)
ACTIVE STILLNESS minutes per day
TIME ON COMPUTER hours per day