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InSyT LIVE Input example

Here is a LIVE example of an InSyT input and the corresponding immediately updated visualisation.

Enter some data and watch your input immediately incorporated into the stunning visualisation.

We all run into health problems at different times in our life. To have these acknowledged and dealt with unambiguously should be paramount. InSyT empowers individuals and brings-to-light accountability of health professional’s interventions.

The ubiquitous smart phone makes the perfect tool to update your InSyT tracker whenever you want. We have timed it and found it takes about 10 seconds to enter data in the app.

The purple section below is an example of how an InSyT Input looks and works. View this post on your phone and take it for a spin (it does of course also look great on a computer or tablet).

The form is live, so you can enter some data and submit the form.To verify it is your data that shows up in the visualisation, make sure to write something in the comment or intervention field. Be amazed.

It takes a few seconds for the data to be uploaded and processed into the visualisation. The data you entered will show up in the visualisation within a few seconds.

We specifically focussed on the optimal input method. Research indicated that a maximum of 5 options when rating a symptom was optimal. The input method had to be readily accessible, easy to use, fast and provide immediate feedback or visualisation of results. InSyT does all this.

Another unique feature of InSyT is the embedded Journal. Every intervention or comment you enter will go into the Journal. And you can use InSyT purely as a journal.

Remember the InSyT app has two parts. This first part, shown here, is designed and optimised for rapid and easily accessible input.

The second part then shows an ongoing evolving visualisation of your inputted data as it grows over time. Next post will show some live results.

InSyT is fully secure. Further, there is no personal identifying data stored online – not even your email or name. What differentiates one person’s InSyT wAPP from another is simply the ID. Example ID is insyt-2-10125.

InSyT Input
InSyT | Intervention and Symptom Tracking

KEY to Symptom Scoring

Symptoms are rated from 0 to 4

0 NADA (Did not experience this symptom - Yippy)
1 MILD (I can live with this - but should I?)
2 ANNOYING (I wish this symptom would go away)
3 SEVERE (Something has to change. I need help.)
4 DEBILITATING (Affects ability to work, daily capacity to cope or quality of life)
Symptoms are ways that our body communicates with us. Their presence, persistence and severity is intertwined with our ability to listen and the choices we make. Press above to remind youself about the scoring system.
Something you are about to change like commencing exercise, modify the dosage of medication or supplement, tweak diet, go on holiday, etc.
Expressing insights about the situation, wherein we currently find ourselves. Comments about symptoms etc. Forms part of your Journal.
Our opportunity to participate in, observe and adjust those things that influence our lives. Evidence based feedback. Press below for ideas.
Wellbeing is a core aspiration of human life. You may wish to record any of these attributes that were noticeable in the last 24 hrs
That's it. Tick FINISHED & deposit.
It takes about 12 seconds for your data deposit to be digested.
You can leave this page while this is happening.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

— Albert Einstein

IDEAS for Custom Trackers

SLEEP DURATION hours per night
EXERCISE DURATION minutes per day
WORK DURATION hours per day
BLOOD TEST result, T4
BP Systolic
BP Diastolic
MOVEMENT OUTSIDE, minutes per day
TRAVELLING to work, hours per day
TIME on SOCIAL MEDIA, hours per day
COFFEE shots per day
BLOOD GLUCOSE NON-fasting (mmol/L)
ACTIVE STILLNESS minutes per day
TIME ON COMPUTER hours per day