InSyT | Intervention and Symptom Tracker | Introduction

Finally finished a extraordinary innovative health tool that I developed in the first half of 2017. It is called InSyT and stands for Intervention and Symptom Tracker. It was launched on 28th June 2017. InSyT is housed on our new website Hartgood.

InSyT is a wAPP. Meaning, a web based Application. A wAPP works on BOTH a phone and a computer! In its simplest role, it tracks symptoms and interventions. It requires about 11 seconds per day or week of your time.

The InSyT wAPP has two parts. The input part, that is optimised for the ubiquitous smart phone and the visualisation part that gives great pleasure and detail when viewed on a computer or larger tablet.

InSyT is different from other Apps, in that you get your own custom app based on the symptoms and customs trackers you choose. Both the input and the results part are uniquely crafted to your needs.

To get started immediately just design you input tracker InSyT Symptom Selection

You simply choose the symptoms you wish to track and any additional custom trackers. Takes only a couple of minutes

To create and maintain this APP takes considerable resources. Even so we have kept the cost to an absolute minimum so that the full potential of this tool can be realised. The cost to set up both parts of your customised wAPP and for you to be able to use it for a whole year is $7.50.

So after designing your tracker in the link above, simply pay on our secure site and as soon as you do your unique tracker ID and link will be sent to you.

Here are two visualisations of results from real world clients. (they have given permission to share their visualisations). Please be patient as they may take a few seconds to load.

And here is a more detailed example using sample data. Each chart visualisation is labelled to explain what is going on.

This one commences tracking after developing a serious sinus infection, while the next example shows tracking over a longer period.

Visualised results can be shared via a simple URL link, so including your GP, specialist of other health practitioner is a breeze.

This then facilitates a powerful yet easy to use tool to monitor any lifestyle, nutritional, medical or allied health interventions. Health practitioners can monitor how patients are doing without extra paperwork, relying upon memory or replicating previous conversations. Patients assess whether a medication, lifestyle change or any treatment from a doctor or allied health practitioner is working.

Most importantly, patients can avoid “falling through the cracks,” being overlooked, forgotten about or just ignored. Keeps everyone in the loop and accountable.

Doctors & health practitioners can now use an evidence-based tool to track subtle or rapid changes in your symptoms.

Useful when beginning medications or supplements, starting an elimination or detox diet, embarking on a specific weight loss or exercise program or giving up sugar, excessive alcohol or smoking, receiving counselling or therapy, starting a new career or hobby or a radical change in life.

The symptoms and the terminology used has been carefully crafted and is based on years of clinical practice and common terms used in medicine. Additionally, we researched the top 20 prescribed and over the counter medications around the world and collated all the major side effects. These are all included as symptoms in InSyT.

We specifically focussed on the optimal input method. Research indicated that a maximum of 5 options when rating a symptom was optimal. The input method had to be readily accessible, easy to use, fast and provide immediate feedback or visualisation of results. InSyT does all this.

Once you have your unique ID, you can load the wAPP on your smart phone and just save it to a home screen icon on your phone. That way you can access it quickly just like any other APP. Start making deposits – takes only a few seconds per day or week. We call entering data – Making a Deposit.

The second part is the Visualisation of your tracked data. You won’t have any until you make your first data deposit. Then just watch it grow and learn and make changes or interventions in your life as necessary. Share you visualisation with key stakeholders who play a part in your health and wellbeing.

Results are best viewed on a computer or tablet. That way they come alive. Results are updated in real time, each time you make a deposit. More deposits greater insight.

Another unique feature of InSyT is the embedded Journal. Every intervention or comment you enter go into the Journal. And you can use InSyT purely as a journal.

You can easily switch between input and results via the links on the bottom menu. Instructions are imbedded, and a support link is clearly displayed.

Importantly you can modify your InSyT tracker at any time – add or change symptoms, add custom trackers or personal wellbeing attributes. Your imagination and need is the only limitation.

The APP is fully secure. Further, there is no personal identifying data stored online – not even your email or name. What differentiates one person’s InSyT wAPP from another is simply the ID. Example ID is insyt-2-10125.

But InSyT is much much more than this.

Over the coming weeks, a series of articles will focus on describing what InSyT is, how to use it, getting the most from it and how we can explore and push it to its full potential using the power of our collective imagination & insight.

So, to get started immediately just design you input tracker here

You simply choose the symptoms you wish to track and any additional custom trackers. Takes just a couple of minutes.

Hartmut Günther






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