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Intervention and Symptom Tracker

Introduction & Help Articles

We can't possibly cover everything about InSyT here. Check out unfolding story here

InSyT is a wAPP

All is revealed here.

results look stunning

InSyT works on a phone, a tablet and a computer. Lots of examples.

Exemplary Support

You can phone, email, text or drop in. You getting the most from InSyT is our priority.


Live Examples

Our sample results page has real world examples

An overview

Every gram of usefulness is squeezed from every data deposit you make

Wellbeing gets the spotlight

Tracking promotes thought and reflection & can assist needed change

Symptoms are your body talking

To you. Symptoms are messages telling whether an intervention is working or not

Only needs 11 seconds per day

We call this making a deposit. Then watch your visualisation grow, reflect & intervene as indicated

Design your own trackers

Simple or complex monitoring. All is revealed in the visualisation

The closer scrutiny & monitoring of interventions opens up the possibility of much better health outcomes for people.

Some areas where InSyT can be used


Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.
  • A community of humans around the globe

Development Community

Coders and Innovators

Thanks to Google for their visualisation engine. Awesome work from Caldera Forms. Coding is fun and creative thanks to a strong helpfull development community.

Hartmut Günther

Hartgood owner

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  • Openness and a healthy curiosity


That's You

Wellbeing is not an accident or luck. It requires effort, consciousness and knowledge of the Self.

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Saturday - Sunday: Hopefully out walking in Nature. Possibly coding on my Mac.
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